Lokaal nieuws vrijdag 04 maart 2022 Bron: Koningsplein fase 2

Sneak Peak!

The many skilled builders are still working hard, but for a number of appartements the completion is near.

What do you think, for example, of this beautiful PVC floor that is being installed as standard in each apartment? PVC is a durable floor that is easy to keep clean, which is why we also chose this floor for the kitchen. The luxury kitchens are fully finished and equipped with appliances. The bathroom and separate toilet are tiled to the ceiling with large tiles in a beautiful sand color. The walk-in showers are finished to a high standard and each bathroom has a design radiator where you can warm your towels. And now look at the beautiful view?

Can you see yourself living here already? You can! Among others, apartment 10B1, 10C, 10D, 10E and 10U are still for rent. Signing up for the second allocation round is still possible! Do not forget to complete your registration, because only then you can be included in the allocation.

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